Video: Miss Visuals

Music: Jan Rundt & Joakim Rundt
Lyrics: Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra

Emerald Eyes
A lyric video, an audiovisual meditation and a
tribute to Nordic nature. Enjoy a relaxing dive into the green.
Art Director: Jenny Haapimaa
Music: Ruud Jolie
Lyrics: Malin Kivelä 
Videography & editing: Jenny Haapimaa

Filmed in Espoo, Finland, during lockdown 2020.
Financially supported by Svenska kulturfonden and Föreningen Konstsamfundet r.f.
Music visualisation with nature photographer Olli Leino and guitarist Ruud Jolie.

Olli Leino
Music: Ruud Jolie / facebook.com/ruudjolie
Art Direction & Editing: Jenny Haapimaa / Miss Visuals
Lyric video for 'Fade Away' (For All We Know)
Lyric video for 'Doomsayer' (Fields of Troy)
Lyric video for 'They'll Win' (For All We Know)

Music & Lyrics: Ruud Jolie & Jermain van der Bogt
Video: Jenny Haapimaa / Miss Visuals
Music video editing for 'Rock 'n' Roll City' (The Hawkans)
Showreel: lyric videos by Miss Visuals.
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