Refresh for Svenska kulturfonden (Helsinki, Finland)
color guidelines – ad templates – company presentation templates
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color guidelines for svenska kulturfonden
ad samples for svenska kulturfonden
Visual identity and graphic guidelines for Studiefonden (Helsinki, Finland)
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marketing material samples for studiefonden
Logo design and visual identity for PR Agency Manifesto
pile of business cards for pr agency manifesto
infographics and woman with smartphone and notepad
Visual identity for the Model of Leisure Activities (Porvoo, Finland)
graphic design to promote leisure activities for children
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Visual identity for Silja Borgarsdóttir Sandelin running for Parliament, April 2019 in Helsinki. Photos: Casual Friday Studios
ad campaign for silja borgarsdóttir sandelin
ads and digital banners for silja borgarsdóttir sandelin
Social media campaign for Patrik Smulter, 2021
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