Ad and illustration for children's theatre Unga Teatern
Ad templates for Svenska kulturfonden
samples of newspaper ads for svenska kulturfonden
Illustrations and ads for children's theatre Unga Teatern. Photo by Rosa Woldhek .
newspaper ad with photo of a man in a bowler hat and bowtie
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ad with purple illustration for the theatre play momo
Ad layout for the Model of Leisure Activities (Porvoo, Finland)
two-page pale blue ad to promote leisure activities
Visual design for HBL.
Photo by Karl Vilhjálmsson and Valtteri Kantanen.
newsprint ad with child swinging from a curtain while the dad is absorbed by reading
newsprint ad with distracted dad pouring yoghurt on the table while young child is looking confused
making-of photo from promotional shoot with small child making gingerbread and dad swinging from the ceiling
silly newsprint christmas covers with children
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